Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cameron Highlands Trip 2010

DAY 01

As what my wife has said to me, this trip is a budget trip. We have cut down our cost as much as possible for our transport and accomodation. We divert our money to the attractions in Cameron Highlands instead.

We reach there after Subuh and have a grand breakfast at the Strawberry Park Hotel (SBH). The wide variety of food there tasted good and the scenery simply refreshing to our tired city souls. I only wish that we could have stayed here, but the cost is almost twice for the Chua Ghin rooms we have booked earlier. SBH still has not lost its charm, grandness and overall coolness. Our kids played at the Playground and I have a good time capturing the different views seen at the SBH.

Image 1: A faraway bungalow seen from SBH


Image 2: A not so common flower nearby the playground


Image 3: My wife and Abdullah enjoying the breakfast by balcony ambience


Image 4: Another bungalow on the top of a hill


Image 5: Ahmad and Zainah playing on the swinging wheel


After breakfast, we headed down to Chua Ghin Hotel located in Brinchang to check the availability of our rooms. The SBH Van transport charged us for RM40! Only later we find out that this is too much. We were told that our rooms will only be available at 1300. As there is still three hour to go, we decided to go Tanah Rata to book a guide from Kang Travels for the next day itenary. After much discussion we settled for the following itenary:

1. Visit to the BOH tea Plantation
2. Climb to top of Brinchang Mountain
3. Simple Mountain Trekking by the side of Brinchang Mountain
4. Tea Plantation View Point
5. Raju's Strawberry Garden (A substitute to Orang Asli "Village")

Image 6: An Indian Muslim Man doing the chicken at a Tanah Rata Restaurant


The "Orang Asli" or natives has progressed a lot lately and hence their way of living has become modernized. There's hardly anything special to see - according to the Kang Travel people.

We then make our way to the Tanah Rata Park, where our tired kids played the playground there. From here, I decided to trek our way to The Parit Falls.

Image 7: The Tanah Rata Park and playgrounds. Located at the riverside of Sungei Bertam?


The trek make us walk along a pathway by the side of the river. THe pathway is made up partially of slippery bricks, mud, low branches, scrubs and other stuff that could make it unsafe. People can just slip and fell into river far below. Ater much struggling we managed to get to the Parit Falls. I am pleased to see that the amount of litter have reduced significantly. However the water is still considered to be unsafe for drinking and swimming. The whole place showed signs of neglect. The bridges cannot be used and the playgrounds are rusted and broken. Despite all this Parit Falls remain a cool secluded good resting place.

Image 8: The Parit Falls


Image 9: The pathway to the bridge suffered a landslide making it unsafe for the kids.


Image 10: The bridge over Parit Falls. Damaged and unsafe to cross.


The kids are plainly tired and worned out after reaching the Parit Falls. They easily slip and fell. Mukhtaar and Zainah had a traumatic experience with bees hovering over them. The bees are attracted to yellow and orange colours of their sweaters. We managed to get away from the bees and calm the kids down. A van from Kang travels picked us up and we returned back to Chua Ghin at a mere cost of RM15 only! We are lucky to have the rooms available before 1 pm!

After lunch at a nearby food center, the kids are knocked out...

Image 11: The Sleeping Whiny Princess


DAY 02

The second day is the most eventful and memorable of the three days. The Kang guys picked us up at the Hotel's Lobby. This is the first time me and my family get a ride in a four-wheel drive Land Rover. Seeing the Landrover itself is already thrilling.

Image 12: The kids and women get the back seat of the LandRover


By the way a typical heavily used Landrover would look like this:

Image 13: Worned out but still useable


Anyway, our first stop is the Boh Tea Plantations. The view here is simply breathtaking. Very very good ambience and climate. I wish I can stay here!

Image 14: Slopes of Green: Images of tranquility


Image 15: Ditto


Image 16: Ditto


We also visited the factory that processes the tea leaves immediately after the leaves are plucked from the fields. The guide speaks fast. Cant really catch what he says... In the old factory we see step by step how the tea is processed, graded and packed. Tea have grades. Lower grades are blended together into finer leaves found in tea bags. By the way, BOH stands for Best of Highlands and it is owned by a Scottish family. The one we visited is the Sungei Palas plantation.

Image 17: Ye old Boh Factory


Image 18: Houses owned by the big boss?


Image 19: Ye Old Smoke Shed by the factory


After completing the factory visit we climbed the Brinchang Mountain nearby using the LandRover. We went all the way to the top. At the top there is an old watch tower that overlooks the surrounding Titiwangsa range. Camreron highlands is just a dot in the Titiwangsa mountain ranges. The view up the tower is just spectacular. As the tower stairs are steep and slippery the children and women folk stayed on the ground. According to the guide we are lucky to have clear weather, most of the time its too cold and misty to see.

Image 20: The Watch Tower


Image 21: View from the top


Image 22: Ditto


Image 23: Ditto


Its a sad thing that my wife could not go up... But anyway we have a nice shot here...

Image 24: Me Family at the top of Gunung Brinchang!!!


Image 25: Abd Matin and Family


From the Top of Gunung Brinchang we climbed back down the slopes using the landrover and stopped at a spot to go for a short muddy trekking into the Mossy Forest. The trekking is really muddy. Too muddy for the children and women folk which do not wear boots. However me, my daughter Zainah and Abd Matin managed to get in and experience the mossy forest trek.

Image 26: The muddy trek


Image 27: The pitcher plant (Periuk Kera)


Image 28: Zainah, the explorer, the youngest person to go up the muddy slopes!!!


Image 29: View from the borders of Pahang and Perak


Yep, I cross to and fro Pahang and Perak territories several times in a minute. Amazing!

Image 30: Mosses are everywhere clinging to both dead and alive branches and stems.


After going through the muddy misty mossy forest trek we went down to the Tea Plantation Viewpoint. While the guide, Muhd Fazli explains, I am busy good pictures of the plantation. We can walk up and down the plantation slopes. The tea plants can stay alive for 200 years! Even the older leaves can be made into tea. The tea seeds originates from Assam, India. Cameron tea is rarely exported out. As the Malaysian consumed everything and still they have to import the rest. Like what the guide say Malaysians shower themselves in tea....

Image 31: My wife and friends at the plantation viewpoint.


After the viewpoint we visited the Raju Strawberry Garden. No pictures there coz I busy munching down the strawberry float and the strawberry cheese cake.

DAY 03
The blog stops now. In day 03 we went back. I'm too tired of writing....hehehe



Thursday, November 4, 2010

The upcoming family trip to Cameron Highlands

I am really looking forward to the trip to Cameron Highlands. The last time I've been there is five years ago. Mukhtaar, my first child is only nine months old at that time. This time around I'm taking all three of my children along including the little one, Abdullah.

I hope the place is not much affected by the global climate change; i really enjoyed the cool temperature there. I expect the polluted rivers and waterfalls have gotten cleaned up this past five years. The government needs to take firm steps in ensuring the environment there gets preserved and not suffer further damages.

Mankind, regardless of race and religion depends on its living environment for sustenance. The environment is a gift from Allah swt. Allah has all rights to withdraw the gifts if mankind abuse it. Allah swt Himself desires no Gifts from any of His creations.

By right those who submit to Allah swt completely, will not abuse the gifts bestowed upon them. They will manage the Allah's gifts as best as they can to show thanks or shukur to Allah swt. If there is damage to the environment, for example cameron highlands, this can only show that that the people in charge are still lacking in their

a. sincere dedication to Allah swt as His servant
b. responsibility to manage the Allah's Gift
c. knowledge to manage Allah's Gift
d. overall attitude in the relationship between mankind and the environment

There is no separation between Allah's religion, the management of resources, governance and its overall effects to the environment.

I can safely say the damages done to the environment anywhere is the result of mankind not doing what Allah wants them to do. Or perhaps the most powerful among humans are just doing what their Nafsu and Syaitan wants them to do. And hence destruction is inevitable.

I am no geologist, climatologist or any big time environmentalist. But it is not hard to see all this happening.


Abdullah Ibni Abdellatiff

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Habib Umar Al-Hafidz lecture on bringing up children in current times.

A'kum wr wb,

Alhamdulillah, Allah has allowed me and my entire family to attend a lecture by the eminent Al-Allamah Habib Umar Al Hafidz at Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu. Due to family and work commitment I missed the Haul conducted at Shah Alam earlier last Saturday. Without further ado I will touch one the five main points that he emphasized. He gave plenty of examples that is quite hard for me to remember in detail. The five points are:

1. Guard the sense of hearing
2. Guard the sense of seeing
3. Guard the child against bad company
4. Encourage the child to work hard in seeking knowledge
5. Get the child to be close / sitting down among the Ulama

InsyaAllah, I will post the video later.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reminder for the reminders

i was told many years ago that a good part of religion is reminders "naseha". and so i remind myself to accept reminders as sincerely and as openly as possible. i told myself that reminders can be very harsh at times. but it is the message and not the method of delivery is the utmost importance. i remind myself to remain humble while accepting reminders. i remind myself when reminders are given it came from a good intention of the reminder.

a reminder can be only be beneficial if it is accepted. sometimes the reminder did not even be accepted to be useful. the reminder may activate a process of thoughts that gives alternative perspectives or solutions or deeper knowledge and understanding.

a reminder may not necessary come from a higher ranking person / a more learned person to be useful and important. For Allah has many ways to enlighten a person.

I remind myself to be patient. I remind myself to persevere in adverse conditions. I remind myself to be kind to others. and i remind myself that a good part of religion is reminders...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

By Mid Year 2010

I'm a father of 3 children.
Waliyullah Habib Ali Bin Habib Jaafa Al-Idrus has returned to Allah swt.
One of my favourite Aunties in Malaysia, Mak Dah has returned to Allah swt.
Abuya or Ustadz Ash'ari of the Al-Arqam movement returned to Allah swt.
I will try to delay for the next cupping/bekam session with Kiai Asmawi.
Visited Habib Ali's and Habib Ahmad Semaits graves/maqams at Batu Pahat.
Discovered Banafee Village in Johore and sampled the food there.
Discovered location of Masjid Wadi Hassan and Kampung Wadi Hassan.
Purchased the EF 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens that cost $2513.
Discovered many uncommon bird species in Pasir Ris Park.
Initiated a young photographer.
Won the NYP-MicroSoft Photo360 Competition, My Heartland! My Home! Category.
Decided to take up Birding seriously as a hobby.

Signing out... Wassalam

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Updates

Hmm I guess I can now update this blog twice a year from now onwards. I try my best to post whenever I can. No promises... There are many tasks at home even after my work is done. I'm now a father of THREE. My youngest child is named Abdullah. This name, to me is a great Doa, a great expectation and a lifelong mission to be fulfilled by not only my son but every Muslim. He is now roughly two months old. He is now very close to his Ummi more than anyone else in the world. I have to help my wife so that Abdullah gets what he needed most now, his mother's love and time.

Mukhtaar and Zainah is slowly learning to be elder siblings. Zainah becomes more emo lately. I'm the last resort if everything else fails to calm her storms.

This Sunday morning, we went to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to attend a first concert in the history our Family. Our children, Mukhtaar and Zainah enjoyed The Wiggles CDs tremendously. They sing, they dance and they laugh with the Wiggles. Hence, we let them see the show. If my guess is correct The Wiggles come to singapore once a year. Special thanks to Cik Tapa/Cik Hanim and family for letting us 'dump' little Abdullah for awhile so that we can spend more time for Mukhtaar and Zainah

Mukhtaar and Zainah enjoyed the Concert/Show in a unique way. They observe everything rather than just joining in the fun by jumping around like other kids, Alhamdulillah. And after everything is done, they said they liked it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year resolutions

1. be organized
2. be motivated
3. be on task
4. be patient
5. be humble
6. be healthy
7. be happy
8. be pious
9. be fearful to Allah swt
10. be closer to Rasulullah saw
11. be loving
12. be humane
13. be kind
14. be thoughtful
15. be faithful

May Allah give me the correct attributes and guide me and my family to everlasting happiness in Jannah, Ameen.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pesanan dari Habib Ali Bin Jaafar Al-aydrus (Batu Pahat)

Isteri saya menggalakkan saya untuk menulis di lelaman blog ini tentang beberapa nasihat yang diberikan kepada saya, Abu Ahmad Zulfaruk dan yang lain2 oleh Habib Ali. Inilah yang dapat saya ingat dari pertemuan kelmarin.

Nasihat pertama:

Bacalah Al-Quran. Ikutilah Al-Quran. Al-Quran itu adalah karangan Pencipta kita. Hidup kita pasti selamat jika kita berpandukan Al-Quran.

Nasihat kedua:

Jangan bergaduh antara satu sama lain. Yakni antara adik beradik, ahli keluarga, sahabat2, saudara-mara dan sebagainya. Jika ada pergaduhan, cepat2lah berbaik2 antara satu sama lain.

Nesihat ketiga:

Bertaubatlah kamu sebelum pintu taubat tertutup untukmu. Di sini boleh bermakna ajal ataupun munculnya tanda2 besar Kiamat.

Nasihat keempat:

Allah swt itu adalah Khalik iaitu sang Pencipta. Manusia hanyalah Makhluk iaiatu yang dicipta. Maka manusia itu patut mematuhi apa sahaja perintah2 Pencipta bukan Pencipta mematuhi perintah manusia. Takutlah pada Allah swt dengan bertaqwa pada Allah swt. Jika manusia tidak taku pada Allah siapa yang dia takutkan? Akibat tidak takut pada Allah swt, banyak masalah telah ditimpa pada manusia itu sendiri. Turutilah semua perintah2 Allah swt dan juga Nabi Muhammad s.a.w yakni Rasul dan Nabi yang terakhir. Ingatlah tiada Nabi selepas Rasulullah solollah alahi wassalam.

Nasihat kelima:

Solat lima waktu mesti di laksanakan di mana jua, tanpa mengenal masa. Allah swt telah meringankan solat dari lima puluh waktu kepada hanya lima waktu sahaja maka itu jangan sekali2 tinggalkan Solat2 fardhu.

Nasihat keenam:

Anak2 kita mesti dilatih berpuasa apabila menjangkau usia 10 tahun selambat2nya.

Buat masa ini, ini sahaja yang saya dapat ingat. Saya akan tambah apabila saya dapat ingat yang selebihnya.



Its been a long while...

Its been a long while... Today I will start back updating this blog. If no one reads its perfectly fine. I just need to type out and record the happenings in my life. Censored and moderated by myself of course. May Allah swt prevent me from trangressing His boundaries, Ameen.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What is Syukur?

1. Syukur is recognizing everything that we have now is from Allah s.w.t
2. Syukur is saying thanks to Allah s.w.t for everything that we have now.
3. Syukur is making the correct use of everything that is given to us by Allah s.w.t
4. The opposite of Syukur is Kufur.
5. A muslim will Syukur when a gift is given by Allah s.w.t. And he will Sabar when the gifts are withheld by Allah s.w.t.
6. The higher standard i.e. held by Ahlul-bayt descendants of the Prophet s.a.w. should be : "to have shukur (being grateful) when gifts/bestowals are withheld from them by Allah; but when given gifts/bestowals by Allah, they place other people's interest regarding it before their own."
7. Remember for all the gifts that has been given by Allah will be accounted for in the day of Judgement.

O Allah! Please make me, my family members and my friends among those who Syukur towards you. And make us among those who loves you for all the Nikmats that is given to us, Ameen.

Thank you Ust Zul. May Allah reward you handsomely for your Naseehah.