Monday, July 27, 2009

What is Syukur?

1. Syukur is recognizing everything that we have now is from Allah s.w.t
2. Syukur is saying thanks to Allah s.w.t for everything that we have now.
3. Syukur is making the correct use of everything that is given to us by Allah s.w.t
4. The opposite of Syukur is Kufur.
5. A muslim will Syukur when a gift is given by Allah s.w.t. And he will Sabar when the gifts are withheld by Allah s.w.t.
6. The higher standard i.e. held by Ahlul-bayt descendants of the Prophet s.a.w. should be : "to have shukur (being grateful) when gifts/bestowals are withheld from them by Allah; but when given gifts/bestowals by Allah, they place other people's interest regarding it before their own."
7. Remember for all the gifts that has been given by Allah will be accounted for in the day of Judgement.

O Allah! Please make me, my family members and my friends among those who Syukur towards you. And make us among those who loves you for all the Nikmats that is given to us, Ameen.

Thank you Ust Zul. May Allah reward you handsomely for your Naseehah.


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