Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Updates

Hmm I guess I can now update this blog twice a year from now onwards. I try my best to post whenever I can. No promises... There are many tasks at home even after my work is done. I'm now a father of THREE. My youngest child is named Abdullah. This name, to me is a great Doa, a great expectation and a lifelong mission to be fulfilled by not only my son but every Muslim. He is now roughly two months old. He is now very close to his Ummi more than anyone else in the world. I have to help my wife so that Abdullah gets what he needed most now, his mother's love and time.

Mukhtaar and Zainah is slowly learning to be elder siblings. Zainah becomes more emo lately. I'm the last resort if everything else fails to calm her storms.

This Sunday morning, we went to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to attend a first concert in the history our Family. Our children, Mukhtaar and Zainah enjoyed The Wiggles CDs tremendously. They sing, they dance and they laugh with the Wiggles. Hence, we let them see the show. If my guess is correct The Wiggles come to singapore once a year. Special thanks to Cik Tapa/Cik Hanim and family for letting us 'dump' little Abdullah for awhile so that we can spend more time for Mukhtaar and Zainah

Mukhtaar and Zainah enjoyed the Concert/Show in a unique way. They observe everything rather than just joining in the fun by jumping around like other kids, Alhamdulillah. And after everything is done, they said they liked it.

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