Thursday, November 4, 2010

The upcoming family trip to Cameron Highlands

I am really looking forward to the trip to Cameron Highlands. The last time I've been there is five years ago. Mukhtaar, my first child is only nine months old at that time. This time around I'm taking all three of my children along including the little one, Abdullah.

I hope the place is not much affected by the global climate change; i really enjoyed the cool temperature there. I expect the polluted rivers and waterfalls have gotten cleaned up this past five years. The government needs to take firm steps in ensuring the environment there gets preserved and not suffer further damages.

Mankind, regardless of race and religion depends on its living environment for sustenance. The environment is a gift from Allah swt. Allah has all rights to withdraw the gifts if mankind abuse it. Allah swt Himself desires no Gifts from any of His creations.

By right those who submit to Allah swt completely, will not abuse the gifts bestowed upon them. They will manage the Allah's gifts as best as they can to show thanks or shukur to Allah swt. If there is damage to the environment, for example cameron highlands, this can only show that that the people in charge are still lacking in their

a. sincere dedication to Allah swt as His servant
b. responsibility to manage the Allah's Gift
c. knowledge to manage Allah's Gift
d. overall attitude in the relationship between mankind and the environment

There is no separation between Allah's religion, the management of resources, governance and its overall effects to the environment.

I can safely say the damages done to the environment anywhere is the result of mankind not doing what Allah wants them to do. Or perhaps the most powerful among humans are just doing what their Nafsu and Syaitan wants them to do. And hence destruction is inevitable.

I am no geologist, climatologist or any big time environmentalist. But it is not hard to see all this happening.


Abdullah Ibni Abdellatiff

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