Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reminder for the reminders

i was told many years ago that a good part of religion is reminders "naseha". and so i remind myself to accept reminders as sincerely and as openly as possible. i told myself that reminders can be very harsh at times. but it is the message and not the method of delivery is the utmost importance. i remind myself to remain humble while accepting reminders. i remind myself when reminders are given it came from a good intention of the reminder.

a reminder can be only be beneficial if it is accepted. sometimes the reminder did not even be accepted to be useful. the reminder may activate a process of thoughts that gives alternative perspectives or solutions or deeper knowledge and understanding.

a reminder may not necessary come from a higher ranking person / a more learned person to be useful and important. For Allah has many ways to enlighten a person.

I remind myself to be patient. I remind myself to persevere in adverse conditions. I remind myself to be kind to others. and i remind myself that a good part of religion is reminders...

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